The Farm Shops comprises various specialist farm produce rooms offering some of the delicious products created by the farm’s artisans, as well as fresh seasonal produce from the farm.

The Bakery supplies the shop with freshly baked bread to be enjoyed with olive oil from the olive press. The Milk Room is the spot to stock up on farm-made soft cheeses, milk and yoghurt. Charcuterie and biltong are produced and sold in the Meat Room. Also on offer are seasonal preserves, wine and Babylonstoren’s own flour. In the same 18th-century building, which originally housed the blacksmith, stables and waenhuis(waggon house), you’ll find the Coffee Roastery where steaming coffee made from Babylonsotren’s unique blend of single-origin beans are offered. The Lekker Room offers a tantalising space of flavours where almonds, macadamias and pecan nuts are roasted. Here guests can taste roasted nuts, freshly baked pastries and other delectable farm treats. Across the laterite lane, the Gelato Roomserves up scoops of Babylonstoren’s own water buffalo gelato in wafer-thin sugar cones.

The Lifestyle Shops comprise the Home and Garden Shop and Scented Room. This space is a quiet oasis where the scents and images from the garden have been captured in timeless linen, bespoke garden tools, and fragrant bath and body products.

The Babylonstoren Farm Shop is open daily from 9h00 to 17h00 in winter and 9h00 to 18h00 in summer.

Your Babylonstoren experience doesn’t have to end when you leave. Their online shop offers something for everyone – from bath and body products handcrafted in the Scented Room, pantry treats and fine wine.

A delivery service for farm-fresh items is also offered in selected areas in Johannesburg, Pretoria, the Winelands and Cape Town. Their online shop celebrates South Africa’s vibrant farming culture on a modern platform, bringing the season’s finest directly into your home. Shop online at, free nationwide delivery.

Opening times: Monday – Sunday 9h00 – 17h00