60 Hectares of virgin land, an ongoing dream to find the holy grail of premium wine and a love for the Tuscan region led to the development of this Super Tuscan wine experience.

Time at Baccō is a slow rhythm, gently flowing like the seasons. Just as the life cycle of the vine cannot be rushed, creating any rare work of art requires patience. We believe that true wellbeing lies in synergy with nature, nurturing our environment and savouring its gifts. Our wines are made with this mindful, unhurried approach, to be generous and engage all the senses.

Our Tuscan-inspired wine estate, with Italian cypresses springing up between the vineyard blocks, remind us of our Super Tuscan heritage here in this Mediterranean corner of the Cape, namely Simonsberg – Paarl.

Our food ethos is inspired by authentic Italian flavours reinvented and reimagined.  The seed of our creativity stems from the seasons, allowing us to magnify the flavours of our dishes.  We produce dishes of a world class standard yet nostalgic enough to remind you of home.  At Baccō we eat, drink and enjoy the slow rhythm of time together with a traditional heart and modern hand.

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