We hope you feel at home at Noop because that’s how they think of their restaurant. They were customers before they became owners.

Noop was established in 2005, and they had an affinity for the restaurant when they took it over in 2012. It’s still as popular with returning locals as it is with visiting tourists, and they’ve kept everything people love about it while also making it their own. The menu is adventurous!

There’s plenty for you to choose from and they are sure you will find something you like.  The meals are all fresh and so is the inspiration on their specials board.  If you have special requests, they will try their best to accommodate them.  Whatever you order, you can enjoy it, knowing that they make the same kind of food here, as they do at home……. unpretentious……. often spontaneous!

Keep it fresh, keep it local, keep it simple. This is what they try to do with each meal.  Nothing comes out of a tin, so if something on their menu is not available, it is because they could not get an ingredient that day.  As much as possible, they try to support local suppliers: othei fruit, vegetables and flowers almost always come from nearby, herbs come from their very own garden.  And they do not over-elaborate or unnecessarily complicate recipes, because they like to respect the purity of our ingredients.  They think food tastes better that way.

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