If you like walking tours with quirky facts, hidden corners and a few surprises, this meander along the beautiful oak-lined Main Road of Paarl (meaning, “pearl”) is the tour for you.

Apart from being one of the best-preserved roads in South Africa, it’s also the longest. Along the way, passionate, proud Paarlite and experienced guide, Janet, will share stories about the town’s earliest residents, and show you the wide range of architectural styles dotted along the Main Road, too.

Enjoy a free downloadable audio tour that allow you to explore Paarl’s Heritage Trail at your own pace. Imagine strolling through the idyllic streets of Paarl, wondering about the history of a building, or whether there were any legendary characters tied to a specific street. With the VoiceMap tour, you can now have all your questions answered as you walk.

Experiencing the delightful (and often quirky) history behind many of Paarl’s most exceptional landmarks is as easy as downloading the VoiceMap app on Android or Apple device and then downloading the Paarl Heritage Trail (A story of wine and pearls) in the comfort of your home, grabbing a pair of earphones, and going for a walk. The app is used offline, to save on data and roaming costs.

Download the free audio Voicemap Tour here: https://voicemap.me/tour/cape-winelands/paarl-heritage-trail-a-story-of-wine-and-pearls

To use the Voicemap App:

  1. Install VoiceMap from the Apple App Store or Google Play

2. Enable Location Access to find nearby tours and use GPS autoplay, please give VoiceMap access to your location.

3. Create an account (link to your Facebook or email account)

4. On the Explore page on the right-hand side you will see search, please search Cape Winelands and select the option.

5. Select Paarl Heritage Trail: A Story of Wine and Pearls.

6. Once downloaded, go to the starting point of your tour, pop in your headphones and hit start, then take the tour.

Remember to stop when directed to and continue walking when told to. This way you can take the tour as a listener would. The stops are there to alleviate the high word count, so it’s necessary to stop when told to.

Tips: Download the tour before you go, charge your device and bring headphones.